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Is anything more important than the Value of your Business?

By Steve Denny | January 18, 2019

Bill (not his real name) came to work for his dad when he was a teenager and returned to the family business following college.  He literally started sweeping floors and hauling trash and by the time he left for college had worked in every department of the business.  His dad didn’t have a college degree…

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Are You in the Owner’s Trap?

By Steve Denny | December 20, 2018

  5 Ways To Get Your Business To Run Without You Some owners focus on growing their profits, while others are obsessed with sales goals. Have you ever considered making it your primary goal to set up your business so that it can thrive and grow without you? A business not dependent on its owner is the…

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You-Proofing Your Business

By Steve Denny | November 26, 2018

Making your business less dependent on you has a number of benefits: you can scale your company more quickly if you’re not acting as a bottleneck; you get more time to enjoy life outside of your business; and a business less dependent on its owner is much more valuable to an acquirer. Pulling yourself out of the day-to-day…

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Terry Lammers Recognized as a 2018 Top M&A Advisor by St. Louis Small Business Monthly

By Steve Denny | November 2, 2018

From St. Louis Small Business Monthly’s Interview with Terry Lammers, published in the November 2018 Issue: What are the challenges facing business owners when it comes to M&A? Lack of knowledge, period — drop the mic!  That’s why I titled my book You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: Everything You Need to Know to Buy or…

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Buying Employees

By Terry Lammers | August 22, 2018

  We talk with business owners every day from all types of industries with businesses in a wide range of sizes. One thing we’ve been told that seems to be industry agnostic is, “We can’t find qualified employees,” or, “We will grow as fast as we can find qualified employees.”   We know where those…

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Terry Lammers Appointed as Member of The Value Builder System™ Advisory Board for 2018 – 2020

By Steve Denny | July 20, 2018

The Value Builder System™ recently announced the appointment of its 2018 Advisory Board members who serve to provide direction on the development of world-class, value-building products and services. The collective mission of Certified Value Builders is to shift the balance of power in favor of small business owners as they prepare for and approach the…

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6 Steps You Should Do Before Selling Your Restaurant

By Steven Becker | July 6, 2018

Take these simple steps to sell your restaurant now! You have worked for years at building a brand and having great food and service. When you’re ready to move on and sell your baby, you need to prepare your business just like you are selling a house. Here are 6 great ideas to make it…

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Innovative Business Advisors and American Business Network Announce Merger

By Steve Denny | April 1, 2018

Innovative Business Advisors and American Business Network today announced that they have combined and become Innovative Business Advisors, LLC. The merger creates a strong team of seasoned professionals providing Business Mergers & Acquisition Services, Business Valuation Services and Business Advisory Services. Both firms were honored recently to be recognized as “The Best M & A…

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Terry Lammers Releases “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – Everything you Need to Know to Buy or Sell a Business”

By Steve Denny | April 1, 2018

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: Everything You Need To Know To Buy Or Sell A Business is an in-depth examination of the process of purchasing, growing, and eventually selling a business. Author Terry Lammers tells how he got into the mergers and acquisitions business, and his relaxed style feels like having a cup of…

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Steve Denny Interviewed by InPaint Magazine Regarding “The Art & Science of Selling Your Painting Business”

By Steve Denny | April 1, 2018

InPaint Magazine, the magazine for professional painting contractors in North America, recently interviewed Steven Denny to provide insight for its membership on the ins / outs of selling a private commercial services business.  Denny emphasized a three-step approach to selling a business: Start with a Business Valuation. This will identify the business value in the…

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What is My Business Worth – DIY Workbook

This DIY workbook features a variety of tips and tools that make valuing a business easier than you imagined, even if financials aren’t your forte! The easy-to-understand instructions and worksheets can be quickly completed in your downtime, providing you with a better understanding of your financials so you can make better-informed decisions.

Business Loan Request Package

Obtaining financing for an acquisition or for any significant investment in the business requires a comprehensive set of documents which enable the lender to fully evaluate the situation.  This outline provides a roadmap for the applicant which will significantly improve the probability of success.

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