What is a Gorilla Composites HSC Panel?

A Gorilla Composites HSC (Honeycomb Structural Composite) panel is the strongest, longest lasting, and easiest to assemble panel designed. The GCI HSC has been around for 75 years and has been utilized globally. The GCI HSC panel has seen action throughout the globe including North America, Caribbean, Mexico, Hungry, Saudi Arabia and China to name a few. It was tested by Forest Products Laboratories for 31 years. The panel increased in strength by 10% during the 31-year test period.

GCI HSC panel performance, because of natural honeycomb design, has remarkable compression, tensile and sheer. The GCI HSC is moisture resistant, mold resistant, fire resistant, termite resistant, seismic resistant, high impact resistance, remarkable insulation value and strong wind loads. We use the word resistant, because as we all know, nothing is impervious to mother nature.

Because of the natural design of the honeycomb cell, the HSC has exceptional mechanical properties, such as:

  • Compression of 414,720lbs per 4’ x 8’ sheet. 90 PSI nominal, with our intermediate cell size.
  • Tensile of 5,616 pounds per square foot, or 39 psi.
  • Axial load of 7,200lbs per linear foot .4 deflection with ¼” OSB and twice that with 3/8th
  • Racking sheer 5,500lbs nominal with .3 deflection. It was made with ¼” OSB. Test failure was at the fixture fastening points, not the panel. Actual strength remains stronger than the mounting and the machines’ ability.
  • Post water saturation compression has 80% recovery in the first 48 hours, with no mold.

The GCI HSC panel is produced on a precision 4.0 GCI design panel production line. Produces 1 panel per minute to a 2mm tolerance, + or – the plywood tolerance. Panels can be made from 1.5” to 6” thick quickly and easily, with no mechanical changes. The panel line is run by 6 basic skilled operators.

You can control your own panel supply chain by producing GCI panels yourself. The GCI panel line has a R.O.I. of 7 months or less on a single shift 5 days a week.

If any of the GCI HSC technology interests you, please contact Greg Leja at 708-785-2898 or greg@gorillacomposites.com.