In the world of manufacturing, building, engineering and sales, there are only two positions in the marketplace: moving forward or falling behind!

If status quo is comfortable, you are slowly moving backwards, as innovation waits for no one! As we emerge from the pandemic, consumers will be looking for their “best bang for the buck,” which is why builders will be looking to address that need.

Money will be tight, population will continue to grow, and food & shelter are the primary need for all concerned, particularly in the middle- and lower-class consumer markets. Let us not forget the millennials, who are buyers of a totally different nature. They Google first, buy later! The excerpt below from a recent industry article expresses how different the industry will be thinking as they emerge and restart.

“Change in the building supply industry is Accelerating”

“We are coming out of social distancing and quarantine, but customers won’t be going back to the way things were. They are going to adapt quickly to the new realities of construction. They are going to rethink things like the role of their offices and how to better serve the needs of their customers.

They are looking for the kind of guidance they simply won’t find from the building materials companies that will choose to follow rather than lead their customers”.

The forward-thinking builders, your customers, are already becoming aware of these aspects and are looking for alternatives. As already discussed in our last blog post, labor and raw-material yield are the two largest concerns for builders. They are already using modular construction or factory-built frame walls and roof sections. It saves a bit of time; however, it is still a conventionally built home off site at the end of the day.

Modular, manufactured and field built can all benefit from the Gorilla Composites (GCI) panel technology. Now let us jump forward for a moment. Imagine structural panel sections, 4’ x 8’ x 4.5” thick, ready to go. They are remarkably strong, resistant to most adverse influences and weigh only 75 lbs. yet are easy to handle and easy to assemble.  

People are starting to see differences in the way homes are built, so different is no longer the challenge it once was. And different is easier to sell when the final consumer realizes their home is derived from Aero-Space Technology, same as the commercial aircraft they fly on today!

Now, your customer, the builder or manufacturer, has a real comparison they can present to their end customer! Then the real eye opener is that the GCI panel is a much better way to build. GCI offers a high-quality product, however, the labor savings makes GCI a much more affordable alternative compared to conventional manufacturing or field construction.

A truck load of 4’ X 8’ x 4.5” GCI panels can be used anywhere in your build, for example exterior walls, interior walls, and roofs. Nearly all the cut outs or cut offs can be used in other locations in the build. The Gorilla Composites panel line produces precise panels in various thicknesses as required.

The nice part of owning a GCI “Structural Composite Panel” production line is that there are only 3 components (raw materials) required, and only 6 crew members.

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