Can’t see the Forest because the trees are in the way!

One of the biggest issues in any industry is “but we have always done it that way.”   Sounds great, it’s always worked in the past, well you’re standing still while the future is passing you by!

Like Mark Mitchell said in his recent article, “But often, what you need isn’t skill and talent – it’s change.  You need to challenge the way you’re doing things.  You need new ideas and approaches”!

The building industry needs change.  The same old way is not cutting it anymore.  The highly skilled labor pool is shrinking, building materials are in short supply and are costly, the consumer base is changing, the list goes on and is making a case against the “old way of doing things.”  

What is needed is a different, proven approach to construction:

  • A building material that the consumer base can identify with
  • A building material that the builder can utilize easily without much change
  • A building material that is cost effective, exceptional in strength and is not labor intensive.

This is an easy challenge for the savvy manufacturer that can supply builders with high quality, precision HSC building panels.  By using the Gorilla Composites precision 4.0 manufacturing process, you will be able to respond to this current and ever-increasing shortage in the construction industry. You can address these needs as a predictable supplier with precision panels that nearly any builder can adopt to their construction process easily and quickly.

Change is good for all concerned, the consumer, the builder, and the building material manufacturers. Consider this a leading-edge opportunity to be a part of what is happening now and will only grow as time goes on.

If you are interested in learning more, visit or contact Greg Leja at or (708) 785-2898.