May I focus your attention to the Big Top?

The building industry has been facing an apparent level of increasing difficulty in these current times, with the recent supply constraints and higher pricing fluctuations.  These problems allow for great opportunity to make advantageous changes in the industry, now more than ever.  But how, and what is the best answer?

Please direct your attention to center stage with GCI, Modular Housing and Manufactured Housing!  GCI’s most important goal remains to make drastic improvements in the key areas of the construction process, such as labor, efficiency, and superior quality material, while all at lower costs. 

As well-known Building Materials Strategist, Mark Mitchell, has been saying for years, efficient quality raw materials could and now can be the answer.  The timing is perfect!  And, as they do have an impact because of price and now tax increases, labor is the number one cost in construction.  This will not change until efficient building techniques are recognized and adopted.

Why the powers that be are adding taxes and keeping our mills at rest is beyond me and a lot of you!  So, we have accepted the challenge to reinvent the wheel so to speak.  GCI, Modular and Manufactured Housing has the ability to help builders become better, faster, and more cost efficient, to where the lumber crisis may not have the teeth everyone may think it has in killing the construction industry.  A few examples of the many areas that would directly benefit are lower income housing, military housing for Disabled Veterans, and disaster recovery rebuilding, to name a few. 

Imagine the extreme advantages and benefits if a builder was able to remove 40% to 70% of their cost of labor and build homes in days, or a week or two at the most.  Perfectly square, remarkably strong, with lower skilled labor force, and in GCI’s case, 30% skilled and 70% unskilled.  Would that get the attention of the building community?  We absolutely know the answer to that question, and it is now a reality!

There is a lot of talent out there, with a lot of American know how.  Together we can confidently continue to adapt these technologies for a stronger and brighter future for everyone.

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Gregory J. Leja

CEO / CTO Gorilla Composites Inc.