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Discover how to intentionally drive exponential growth, reveal hidden assets, foresee obstacles and create more options for the future of your business. When you don’t know what you don’t know, our trusted and professional business brokers at Innovative Business Advisors can help. Learn to steer significant business growth with easy-to-use valuation tools, objective guidance without judgment, comprehensive training, and proven business advisory services.  With offices located in both Missouri and Illinois, our experienced business advisors are here for you.

Business Valuation

Knowledge is power. Determine your company’s baseline so you know where you stand in the market and chart your desired destination.


Don’t drive alone. Learn from our business advisors how to develop and navigate your business growth path—no matter what stage of your business—and plan for succession.


Buy or sell your business for the right reasons. Experience our proven process that manages momentum and delivers exceptional results. We are your representative or intermediary.

What to do in an uncertain stock market? Look for something better!

The ever-changing stock market is making everyone uncomfortable with their future directions. What can you do? Look to where need is strong, markets are stable, and the future is bright for a very long time. Given the fact that low to moderate income housing is in high demand with very limited resources which restricts response time, consider a better business model that could be the perfect answer to your investments. Modular, manufactured, and honeycomb structural…

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Alert! Business owners over 50 contracting Ostrich Syndrome!

What is Ostrich Syndrome? An acute syndrome of a business owner ignoring the eventual transition of their business by sticking their head in the sand. Really? Well…….. no, of course there is no such thing, or is there? Everyone has heard that when you start your business you should have a plan to exit your business but who does that,right? Seriously though, if you are over 50 years old, what have you done to prepare…

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May I focus your attention to the Big Top?

The building industry has been facing an apparent level of increasing difficulty in these current times, with the recent supply constraints and higher pricing fluctuations.  These problems allow for great opportunity to make advantageous changes in the industry, now more than ever.  But how, and what is the best answer? Please direct your attention to center stage with GCI, Modular Housing and Manufactured Housing!  GCI’s most important goal remains to make drastic improvements in the…

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