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Millennial Housing Crisis, and Solution, after Covid-19

As millennials are now seeking independent living accommodation, availability, cost, and response time to build are primary concerns for building material suppliers and builders.  According to Builderonline.com’s recent article, America at Home: Almost Half of Renters Want to Buy a Home After COVID-19, 46% of current renters say they would now prefer to own versus rent, potentially representing 7.4 million households in the U.S.  The majority of them are younger (millennials and Gen X groups…

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Can I supply modular, manufactured and field-built companies?

  In the world of manufacturing, building, engineering and sales, there are only two positions in the marketplace: moving forward or falling behind! If status quo is comfortable, you are slowly moving backwards, as innovation waits for no one! As we emerge from the pandemic, consumers will be looking for their “best bang for the buck,” which is why builders will be looking to address that need. Money will be tight, population will continue to…

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From the Ashes of COVID-19 a PHOENIX Can Rise!

As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, business as we knew it will be forever changed! This means how we do business will need to follow suit. There have been a lot of projections about the impending shortfall in housing. Covid-19 may just have created a PHOENIX effect for building supply. The article below discusses how the National Association of Realtors and Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist talks about the forecast prior to the pandemic…

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