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Discover how to intentionally drive exponential growth, reveal hidden assets, foresee obstacles and create more options for the future of your business. When you don’t know what you don’t know, our trusted and professional business brokers at Innovative Business Advisors can help. Learn to steer significant business growth with easy-to-use valuation tools, objective guidance without judgment, comprehensive training, and proven business advisory services.  With offices located in both Missouri and Illinois, our experienced business advisors are here for you.

Business Valuation

Knowledge is power. Determine your company’s baseline so you know where you stand in the market and chart your desired destination.


Don’t drive alone. Learn from our business advisors how to develop and navigate your business growth path—no matter what stage of your business—and plan for succession.


Buy or sell your business for the right reasons. Experience our proven process that manages momentum and delivers exceptional results. We are your representative or intermediary.

Ready for Your Encore Career?

MORE RETIREES ARE FINDING SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS AS FRANCHISE OWNERS After devoting decades of their lives to their employers, most retirees are ready for a life of leisure. They can finally switch their briefcase for a beach bag and their computer for golf clubs. There’s no one to answer to and no schedule they must stick to.  Then why are so many older adults opening their own businesses – even when they have the means…

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Affordable Housing Crisis Worsens!

The economy is in a real mess, the population continues to grow, and so does the demand for moderate income homes, which is the largest housing sector! Currently in the United States the shortage is exceeding 7 million homes. According to ADL Ventures, to just hit the minimum housing production requirement for sustainable development, the current offsite manufacturing sector needs to increase by 20 times over the next 8 years!!! This is a rather frightening…

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What is a Gorilla Composites HSC Panel?

A Gorilla Composites HSC (Honeycomb Structural Composite) panel is the strongest, longest lasting, and easiest to assemble panel designed. The GCI HSC has been around for 75 years and has been utilized globally. The GCI HSC panel has seen action throughout the globe including North America, Caribbean, Mexico, Hungry, Saudi Arabia and China to name a few. It was tested by Forest Products Laboratories for 31 years. The panel increased in strength by 10% during…

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