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Covid-19 and how building materials will respond

As we start to see a little light at the end of the Covid-19 Pandemic tunnel, new concerns are already emerging. The building supply chain will have suffered a serious blow. Then there is the economic impact that without question will have far reaching impact on quantity and quality of materials, structural sustainability and strength, reaction time to build, the labor force that will build them, and most important, cost effectiveness to a struggling economy.…

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3 Cheers for our Nations Leadership & Legislatures

Over the last several days, we have watched and waited while our elected officials wrestled.  Finally, a bill has emerged that appears to provide the relief that so many of our people and businesses need during this emergency health crises.  Amazingly, this appears to be targeted in just the right areas at just the right time.  In my view, this action goes a long way in restoring my faith in our national officials.  I will…

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Brand Loyalty

        In a marketplace seeking cost effective, new and different building materials, standing out is the most difficult aspect to achieve as a raw-material supplier. Nowadays, millennials rely on social media to validate their choices and support their decisions to buy. This is where “Brand Loyalty” becomes so important. Companies like Andersen Windows, for example, have been known in the marketplace for decades, basing their marketing strategy on consistent quality. This does…

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