Precision Building Materials are the Future of Manufacturing for Construction Materials

As discussed on The Dave Cooper Live Show with Glenn Ford on August 17, 2022, the next step in the evolution of construction is precision building material manufacturing, aka, Generation 4.0!

This statement should not be taken lightly or dismissed if you want to save time, money and build better homes and buildings.  The 4.0 PBM manufacturing technique applies to all manufactured, modular, and field assembled structures.

Keep in mind, Precision Building Materials (PBM) will save money.  PBM saves time in assembly, advances consumer perception for quality, requires less effort, and lower labor backgrounds can be utilized by builders.

These factors are just a few of the examples that PBM manufactured HSC panels can offer the building industry.  As builders are challenged with diminishing skilled work force availability, PBM manufactured panels come to the rescue.  The builder can use lower skilled labor force and produce outstanding quality homes in a fraction of the time normally allotted.  This is a winning scenario for the PBM manufacturers, builders, and the end customers.  Everyone can save money with 4.0 PBM.

Now, the question is how?  As Glenn Ford pointed out, utilizing aero-space manufacturing techniques produces predictable, precise, and repetitive building products such as the GCI HSC manufacturing process for panels.  This means the design crew no longer needs to account for variations by using this predictable building material that applies to all forms of construction.

A Gorilla Composites precision HSC panel is already in the 4.0 manufacturing realm.  Precision GCI automated manufacturing turns out 1 panel per minute to a 2mm tolerance.

If you want to learn more about this 75-year-old aerospace technology or want to consider putting up a GCI HSC panel line, contact Greg Leja at or visit to learn more.