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Without leaving money on the table

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The business world is full of endless opportunities – for those who want a new challenge by buying a business or for those who seek a new adventure and need to sell a business quickly, our business broker professionals do more than broker deals.  We guide you to make sure selling or buying a business is the right move, professionally and financially.


IBA begins with experienced Advisors who have successfully transitioned businesses within many industries.  Our first step involves preparing a full Analysis of the ownership and the business.  This allows us to determine if both the owners and the business are prepared for transition.  Once they are both properly prepared for transition, we begin an Advisory process that sets the plan on what needs to be done.  Finally, we move into a full Brokerage phase which is designed to attract and secure the “ideal fit” for the opportunity.

Business Brokerage in St. Louis missouri

Six steps in the process leading to business brokerage success

  1. Qualify – does the business meet 3 critical criteria?
  2. Assess – is the ownership and the business ready?
  3. Contract – formalize the engagement.
  4. Representations – detail what the prospective parties will see
  5. Marketing – attract the “ideal fit” for the transaction
  6. Diligence – all steps necessary to conduct the closing (transfer of ownership)

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What clients are saying ...

“I highly recommend Innovative Business Advisors, as a high energy, thoughtful, highly experienced and competent service provider. As the future purchaser of a business brokered by Mr. Lammers I can honestly state that I feel very comfortable in all transactions with him, I have never once questioned his motives or his advice to me. I know his interests initially focused on the seller, and still do, but I must confess that he has won me over and I’m aware he also considers my best interests as well. He possesses the utmost integrity and is not afraid to get the tough questions on the table, numerous times the purchase process has slowed to a stop and Terry always gets the parties back to the table to keep the transition flowing.

His experience in running his own small business, as well as his banking industry experience, is put to the test when dealing with both purchasers and sellers. Many times his sage advice helps to restart negotiations and had it not been for his willingness to work through a mountain of details I’m sure my future purchase would have dissipated.

On numerous occasions Terry has offered up the names of experts in their fields, I am using some of them for this transaction and completely confident they know their area of expertise thoroughly. Many of the experts that he has put me in touch with I consider them as friends and hope to do additional business with them in the future. ”

- Steve Gorazd

“I have worked with Terry Lammers with several clients. Terry is very professional, and has helped each of my clients achieve maximum value for their business. Terry not only helps in M & A, however his team also helps build business value through active coaching. This allows businesses to achieve maximum valuation for growth, acquisition, or to transfer their business in the future.”

“Terry and the Innovative team assisted me in settling a bank issue that I had previously been unsuccessful with. They were quick to respond, thorough, and knowledgeable. The team was very open and honest about what would most likely take place and they didn’t overpromise which allowed me to manage my expectations. Working with Innovative was a positive experience that resulted in the desired outcome.”

“Terry and the entire Innovative team were always available to answer my questions during the selling process. They were very accommodating in easing my concerns and they handled everything on their end until the sale was completed.”

- Evelyn Pakosta, T/E Communications

“Innovative Business Advisors provided us with a very thorough business analysis and valuation. We received more than we expected. They explained how they came up with our 50-page valuation and they used capitalization rates to help us determine the value of our business. They were tremendously helpful, friendly, and flexible during the process, which led to the sale of half of our practice. We were pleased with the final results.”

- Lisa Helmink, Clinton County Veterinary

“I choose to work with Innovative because they were the only ones offering a tabulation rate vs. appraisal method for business valuations. Terry was incredibly personable, pleasant to deal with, easy to talk to and always available. He put a lot of effort into the work to get the right results and I left feeling that the deal was done right. The Innovative team is trustworthy and takes all the guesswork out of the process. Since they are locally owned, they know the area and the businesses they work with.”

- Dr. Jake Johnson, Clinton County Veterinary

“Terry and the Innovative team worked with me to look at the value and stability of my company. They helped me understand things that my accountant didn’t explain. They have a lot of knowledge and explained things in a way that encouraged me for the future of my business. Working with them was overall a very pleasant experience.”

- Steve Camden, Camden Family Enterprises

“Terry worked with me to verify a business valuation. He helped me unmask the complicated process of buying and selling a business. Terry is very good with numbers. Business can be emotional, but Terry is skilled at taking the emotion out of the process. He shows you the evidence and I would definitely recommend his services.”

- David Matteson, Red Bud Oil Company

“Terry and his team were forthright and straightforward during the process of selling my practice. They helped me to successfully complete the sale.”

- Dr. William Stapleton, Family Dental Services