Steve Denny Interviewed by InPaint Magazine Regarding “The Art & Science of Selling Your Painting Business”

InPaint Magazine, the magazine for professional painting contractors in North America, recently interviewed Steven Denny to provide insight for its membership on the ins / outs of selling a private commercial services business.  Denny emphasized a three-step approach to selling a business:

  1. Start with a Business Valuation. This will identify the business value in the current marketplace.
  2. Assemble a Team – work with professionals that have experience in transactions.
  3. Get Your Business In Order. Often there is some clean-up required to ensure that the business is transferrable to another.

The interview also discussed some common misconceptions that business owners have about the buy/sell process:

  • Business owners often think buyers buy potential, when in reality buyers buy past performance.
  • Business owners often think that they should be responsible for the most important client relationships when in reality this scares buyers away.
  • Business owners often think of selling when things get hard when in reality the most value is often realized when the business is doing its best.

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