Brand Loyalty





In a marketplace seeking cost effective, new and different building materials, standing out is the most difficult aspect to achieve as a raw-material supplier. Nowadays, millennials rely on social media to validate their choices and support their decisions to buy. This is where “Brand Loyalty” becomes so important.

Companies like Andersen Windows, for example, have been known in the marketplace for decades, basing their marketing strategy on consistent quality. This does not mean by any stretch that other companies do not make quality windows, it just means Andersen Windows pays a lot of attention to “Brand Loyalty” marketing.



With a name like Gorilla Composites building panels, you already have a solid “Branding” platform. The fact that each panel is produced on a GCI semi-automated production line, is assembled at a specific rate, and to a tolerance of 2mm, says a lot about predictable quality.




Top architectural engineering firms and professors of architecture & engineering colleges are supporting the GCI panel technology, which indicates that this is the next “Brandable” building product to go well into the future with.

Unlike labor intensive, field assembled homes made with 2×4’s and plywood or OSB, GCI panels are ready to go.  Simple assembly by labor at a ratio of 70% unskilled to 30% skilled is a major “stress relieving quality” in and of itself to builders and designers.


Greg Leja, Gorilla Composites



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