An ounce of prevention

Is it better to prevent the transfer of energy or try to block it?

Let’s pose another question, why are windows measured with “U” values, not “R” values?  This is a rather easy question to answer, because they are built uniformly, unlike the house that they are installed in.  What if you had the same uniformity in your house building materials?  Just think how much easier it would be to match HVAC to your build and the predictable BTU efficiencies!

U-values might seem like a pretty dull subject, however it is absolutely key that you understand them so that you can insulate your home with the most appropriate material (click here for more information).  “U” value is used to measure the energy required to maintain a given temperature between the inside and outside temperature differentials.  The “U” value is expressed in an energy transfer number, not to be confused with a barrier number, or “R” values.  This means that the lower the “U” value energy transfer number is, the lower the BTU requirement is to maintain temperature between the inside and outside.

Gorilla Composites (GCI) structural panels are assembled uniformly, much like the windows you currently buy.  Each panel is built to an exact standard with no variables.  This means you have no variations concerning your house assemblies and each panel will have the same “U” value or energy transfer as the one next to it!   

GCI panels’ U value measures at .2, which meets the UK / EU’s optimum for most efficient use of BTUs to heat or cool a home.  Please keep in mind that .0 is perfect, meaning the inside temperature is unaffected by outside temperature.    

The exceptional performance properties and ease of use makes GCI’s structural panels an outstanding alternative for today’s construction needs.  To find out more about this amazing product and the opportunity to purchase your own GCI structural panel manufacturing line, visit or contact Terry Lammers @ Innovative Business Advisors (618-688-2018 or

Best Regards,

Gregory J. Leja