The big, bad wolf — or is it really, when it comes to the housing marketplace?

With all the scuttlebutt about the potential looming recession, the one thing that always remains constant are the basics such as food and shelter.  In the following article from, housing is discussed from many points of view throughout the real estate industry, with all of them coming to the same point of view, “Housing is safer from this type of recession.”

The real estate forecasters discuss the differences concerning housing and its demands in the past and present.  The 2008 collapse was mainly derived from the banking and mortgage industry, not the builders themselves. When the balloon popped, values plummeted, not because of the builders, but due to the “over value” placed on housing by the banking and mortgage companies. 

As stated in the above article, “Just last month, predicted the resurgence of national inventory declines, which in just a few months would lead buyers to see a drop in the number of homes for sale that could lead to the return of bidding wars, stronger price appreciation, and quicker home sales.”

Consider the fact that builders’ response time to consumer supply and demand for housing will be behind the curve.  When considering the Millennials’ movement towards smaller, more affordable homes to the equation, the overall housing market will be in short supply.

According to’s article, in “A market with low supply and high demand, right now, a recession would need to make a significant dent in either housing supply or demand to move prices. That’s difficult to do at a time of unusually low unemployment, as well as undersupply in so many housing markets, especially pricey coastal metros”.

For builders to remain ahead of the herd, they will have to be leaner and more responsive to the impending demands for affordable housing.  Gorilla Composites Inc. (GCI) is just the company to assist with keeping you in front.  GCI’s exceptional composite housing technology can keep you one step ahead of the competition.  A GCI manufacturing line offers high-quality assemblies, lower build costs, fast response times, and you control both availability and internal cost of your raw materials.

With GCI composite panel technology, your building materials (i.e. structural panels) are built to an exact standard and specification on a GCI designed automated production line at a rate of 1 panel per minute.  Using the GCI panel system, you can reduce your skilled labor force requirements by at least 60%.  And, the fact that you control your own material supply chain makes for a comfortable and predictable business model.

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