Buying Employees


We talk with business owners every day from all types of industries with businesses in a wide range of sizes. One thing we’ve been told that seems to be industry agnostic is, “We can’t find qualified employees,” or, “We will grow as fast as we can find qualified employees.”


We know where those qualified employees are!


They are working for your competitors. Do you want to know how to get them? Buy out your competitor! Does that sound crazy? Maybe it’s not as crazy as you think.


It’s called a strategic acquisition. I have had the opportunity to buy several companies personally and have sold numerous companies over the past several years. While strategic acquisitions are more often thought about for growth and to gain new customers, guess what also goes with that company when you buy it? The employees – skilled, talented employees!


Are you in the trucking business and can’t find drivers? We currently have a trucking company for sale. Would you like to expand your business into a new market? Let us do a strategic search for you and find a business to buy in that market.


You don’t think your competitor is ready to sell? Have you asked him? Does that seem a little awkward to you? Let us do that awkward work for you. We are often asked to approach companies and ask them if they would be interested in a sale.


We are currently in an era where there is going to be a massive amount of businesses being sold because of the retiring baby boomers. If you want to grow your business and need employees to do it, consider a strategic acquisition to get those skilled employees.


Give us a call and let’s sit down and talk about it. Get a copy of my book and read about how I did it firsthand. You can download a free version from Kindle or purchase it on Amazon:


If we sit down to meet, I’ll give you a free copy of my book. Let’s grow!


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