Risk vs Reward












The elusive perfect business model with little to no investment yielding spectacular returns sounds great, however, mythical at best. Any business investment or venture has a definite risk vs return ratio associated with it.

The selection and demand for your product or service that you may want to offer also has a paramount impact on your success. The riskiest businesses are novelty stores, restaurants, and bars, for example. Products and services with enormous competition are very reasonable to acquire, however, your return usually reflects your basic investment. 

Now, the most important consideration is need and uniqueness. If your new venture is focused on, for example, commercial human needs, such as food and shelter, you may be on to something. Even better are products with high demand and controlled availability. If you have little to no competition, then you will have the advantage! To enter into this type of business venture is not for the faint-hearted. Yet there is a great reward and a remarkable market position to be had. There will be a lot of work and risk involved, however, at the same time, you will have massive support from GCI and the potential for outstanding returns on your investment.

What if I were to tell you such a business venture exists right now, today! The product I am talking about is a proprietary and proven 70-year-old aero-space design structural composite building panel. 

With the decisive changes occurring in the construction industry, panelized assembly is now catching their attention. In many cases, architects and developers are already specking this technology in. With GCI Technology, build times are now around 10% of time compared to current construction methods.  In addition, this technology can be assembled with 70% to 30% unskilled to skilled work force ratio. This is very appealing to the forward-thinking construction community.

To provide a level of comfort in your investment, this business model is backed by some of the largest companies in America.

Now, for the meat and potatoes of this particular opportunity. Your return on investment is calculated on your lowest production numbers, which means your R.O.I. is less than 7 months. Your profit margin is near 100% on an established selling price to builders and developers. 

As I mentioned earlier, if it is cheap to get into a business, figure on low margins, massive competition, and low survivability. However, if you have the financial ability, you can earn at least 5 times your original investment by the end of your first full year of production. Couple that with the added benefit that your product is the only one of its kind in the marketplace, globally, this mitigates a substantial amount of risk to your investment. 

Opportunities like this are rare and do not come around every day. 

If this creates interest for you and catches your attention, contact Terry Lammers at 618-530-8922 or terry@innovativeba.com and he will guide you through this unique opportunity. 

Greg Leja, Gorilla Composites