Lean Construction Building Materials

As we are emerging from the COVID-19 Pandemic, your customers, builders, and developers are going to be looking for every dime they can from their builds. Here are the mayor areas of concern.

  1. Time to build
  2. Material waste
  3. Quality of materials
  4. Consistency of materials

These will become the watch words of the day.  In addition, customers will want ease of use and quality of raw materials with exceptional margins over conventional construction costs.  Even though the future looks challenging in the building supply market, you can ease builder anxiety with Gorilla Composites “Structural Composite Panels” (SCP).

According to industry sources, “There’s been a growing focus on reducing waste and inefficiency in construction. Smart builders, owners and developers are thinking more about the costs associated with every extra day it takes to complete a project more than worrying about the cost of your product.”

To promote customer confidence, your GCI SCPs are built on a precision panel production line at a rate of 1 panel per minute to a tolerance of 2mm.  Your customer will welcome this SCP building panel, because it takes the worry out of quality, consistency and greatly reduces waste which in turn is a major time saver ($$$$) in assembly.

Your customer, the builder, will also love the fact that quoting will become extremely easy by comparison to conventional building materials.  Typical time comparison to build with GCI SCP panelized construction verses conventional construction is 10% of typical time.

A significant benefit of using GCI SCPs is that building assemblies can be done with 70% unskilled labor and 30% skilled labor. This is a major concern for the building industry, and their primary cost.

The mainstream GCI SCP panel is built with 2- 3/8th exterior plywood skins with Gorilla Composites Black-Core structural honeycomb to create the perfect wall and roof panel assemblies.  This is a 70-year-old technology created for building commercial aircraft.  The proper phrase for this type of panel is Stress Skin Composite Panel.  

To learn more about GCI SCP panels, please contact Terry Lammers at 618-530-8922 or terry@innovativeba.com.